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Tools for Your Practice

These tools can be used in day to day practice to support patient behavior change. Tools are explained in more detail on the continuing education module, “Motivational Interviewing: Supporting Patient Behavior Change.”

  • The Readiness Ruler is designed as a pictorial tool used by the health professional in face to face office visits. The readiness ruler is shown to patients and the patient then determines their own level of behavior change readiness. Willingness/ Importance on a scale of 0—10 is measured. How willing/important is it to you to make a change toward a healthier lifestyle? Contact us to place an order.

  • Provider Brief Negotiation Pocket Guide is used to guide a one to three minute behavior change discussion with the patient. In the conversation you will be able to identify small steps that will initiate change in their health behaviors and to assess their readiness to begin this change. Contact us to place an order.
  • Communicating with Families Quick Guide  
    This guide summarizes communication techniques at well child or urgent visits, how you communicate with pediatric patients at various ages and brief focused advice conversations intended to last less than three minutes. This guide was adapted from Keep ME Healthy and Regional Health Education – Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Motivational Interviewing (MI) Videos:

MI videos for purchase

Clinical Tools

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